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You Need a Law Firm Not a Lawyer

We’re all good people. But sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes good people do bad things. That’s why, in life, you need a law firm, not just a lawyer.

LegalShield, turns everything we’ve been taught about lawyers and legal services on its head. We bring together over 1.5 million members and match them with accountable and responsive law firms. Every member gets the benefit of equal access to the advice, consultation and, when needed, representation that they deserve. You can meet your law firm on

We’ve put a law firm in the palm of your hand. Our LegalShield app connects you with YOUR law firm with a simple tap of the app. And in an emergency, you can call 24/7 and we’ll get your lawyer on the line.

Whether it’s a speeding ticket, or preparing your will, or reviewing your auto loan contract, lease agreement or mortgage document, LegalShield is here to serve you.

All this for less than $20 each month. But what if you’re already in a lawsuit, or a divorce? No worries, pre-existing conditions qualify with our Preferred Member rate. You will receive 25% off the lawyer’s hourly standard rate in your state or province.

We’ve saved our members over $100 million.

LegalShield wants to connect you with your law firm of trusted legal advisors. LegalShield helps you live free under the law and is here to protect you and your family in times of need. .

With LegalShield, Worry Less & Live More. Want more information?
Contact Patrick Williams at
(213) 949 – 6026 – at Long Beach Public Library – Main Branch

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